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Candice Carty-Williams’ award-winning novel, ‘Queenie’, is set to hit Hulu screens soon. The series, part of Disney’s Onyx Collective, aims to amplify underrepresented voices and creators of color.

Queenie: A Messy Breakup and a Journey of Self-Discovery

Queenie, a 25-year-old Jamaican British woman living in South London, finds herself reevaluating her life choices after a messy breakup. As she navigates unfortunate hookups and the chaos of her love life, Queenie also confronts past trauma, facing her inner demons and rebuilding her life.

Imperfections and Authenticity

Singer Bellah, who plays Queenie’s friend Kyazike, applauds the show’s portrayal of Black women’s imperfections and vulnerability. She emphasizes the importance of stories where Black women don’t have to appear strong and perfect all the time, as it resonates with many Black women.

Candid Exploration of Youth and Self-Discovery

Queenie candidly explores the experiences of being young and trying to find oneself. The novel’s distinct voice, materialized through voice-over, allows Queenie to openly discuss themes like generational trauma and the consequences of suppressing it.

Candice Carty-Williams: Showrunner and Executive Producer

Candice Carty-Williams takes on the role of showrunner and executive producer for ‘Queenie’. She emphasizes the importance of her involvement throughout the project, from start to finish. Carty-Williams sought advice from ‘Succession’ creator Jesse Armstrong, who encouraged her to write what she wanted to write.

Rising Stars in the Cast

The cast of ‘Queenie’ features several rising stars, including Dionne Brown as Queenie, Bellah in her debut role as Kyazike, and Samuel Adewunmi as Queenie’s friend Frank.

Premiere Date

All eight episodes of ‘Queenie’ will premiere on Hulu on June 7.