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If you’ve been rocking Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses since last year, get ready for a major upgrade!

AI Features Finally Arriving

According to the New York Times, the AI features that have been available to some users since December will be rolling out to everyone next month.

These features include:

  • Object Recognition: Identify animals and fruits just by looking at them.
  • Language Translation: Translate limited phrases in English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French.

Why It Matters

This is a game-changer for Meta Ray-Ban owners. Up until now, these glasses have felt more like regular sunglasses than smart devices. The existing AI features were pretty basic, only allowing you to make calls and take photos.

With these new AI features, your glasses will finally feel like the futuristic tech they were promised to be.

Worth a Second Look

It remains to be seen how useful these new features will be in practice, but they’re definitely a reason to give your Ray-Ban smart glasses another try.