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Reddit is partnering with a major AI company to provide its data for training AI models. This deal is reportedly worth $60 million.

Implications for Reddit Content

This means that everything on Reddit, from popular posts to obscure comments, could be used to improve AI language models (LLMs) and generative AI systems.

User Concerns

Reddit users have expressed concerns about this deal, as they’ve already been unhappy with the platform’s recent business decisions.

  • Last year, Reddit started charging for API access, leading to protests and a site crash.
  • Reddit removed private chat logs and messages from user accounts.
  • The platform implemented new moderation features and an “official” tag to combat impersonators.
  • Reddit removed the option to turn off ad personalization.

Debate on Data Use

The use of public data for AI training has sparked controversy, with concerns about privacy and the ethics of using human-created content. This deal is likely to fuel these debates further.