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Jake Gyllenhaal’s Attempt Falls Flat

The original “Road House” may not have been a masterpiece, but it was a fun and violent action flick. Unfortunately, the remake starring Jake Gyllenhaal fails to live up to its predecessor.

A New Setting and Story

This version of “Road House” transports the story from Missouri to a tropical island in the Florida Keys. Gyllenhaal plays Elwood Dalton, a disgraced UFC fighter who seeks redemption by becoming a bouncer at a local bar.

Lack of Heat and Action

Despite the new setting, the remake lacks the heat and intensity of the original. The fight scenes are underwhelming, and the story is predictable and uninspired. Director Doug Liman seems to have lost his touch when it comes to action films.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Miscast

Gyllenhaal is a talented actor, but he’s not a good fit for the role of Dalton. He lacks the charisma and swagger of Patrick Swayze, who made the original character so iconic.

A Tame and Unsexy Remake

The remake also fails to capture the sex appeal of the original. Despite Gyllenhaal’s muscular physique, there’s a lack of chemistry between him and his love interest. The film’s decision to tone down the violence and nudity makes it feel tame and uninspired.

Conor McGregor’s Cameo

The casting of Conor McGregor as an eccentric goon is a stunt that doesn’t pay off. McGregor’s lack of acting experience is evident, and his character is one-dimensional and boring.

Technical Flaws

The film also suffers from technical flaws. The color correction is inconsistent, the sound design is confusing, and the post-credits scene is idiotic.


Overall, “Road House” is a disappointing remake that fails to live up to the original. It’s a wreck of a film that’s not worth streaming, let alone seeing in theaters.