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Watching “Sasquatch Sunset” is a wild ride. It’s so bizarre and heartwarming that it feels like a dream.

Cryptic Family Drama

The film follows a family of Sasquatches, who live in the wilderness. They hunt, sleep, and communicate with growls and howls. The Zellner brothers, who directed the film, shot it like a nature documentary, with wide shots of the vast forest and close-ups of the Sasquatch family.

Gross-Out Humor with a Twist

The film is full of gross-out moments, like urine spraying and feces flinging. But the Zellners don’t just go for cheap laughs. They use these moments to explore the animalistic nature of the Sasquatches.

Riley Keough’s Emotional Core

Riley Keough plays the mother Sasquatch, and she’s the emotional heart of the film. She’s strong and determined, but she also shows vulnerability and rage.

Environmentalism Amidst the Madness

While the film is full of silly gags, it also has a serious message about environmentalism. The Sasquatches are threatened by deforestation and other human activities. The Zellners weave this message into the story without being preachy.

The Zellners’ Unique Vision

The Zellners have a knack for making films that are both strange and beautiful. “Sasquatch Sunset” is no exception. It’s a daring and ambitious film that will leave you laughing, gasping, and gagging.

Release Details

“Sasquatch Sunset” will open in select theaters on April 12th and expand nationwide on April 19th.