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Apple has put the kibosh on the age-old rice trick for saving wet phones. They say it’s actually making things worse.

Why Rice is a No-No

Apple warns that rice particles can damage your iPhone. Plus, it’s slow to absorb water, so it’s not doing much good anyway.

Better Phone-Saving Hacks

Instead, try these Apple-approved methods:

  • Shake it out: Gently tap your phone upside down to remove excess liquid.
  • Air it out: Place your phone in a dry spot with airflow.
  • Wait it out: Give it at least 30 minutes before trying to charge or connect anything.
  • Try again: If you still see a liquid alert, keep airing it out for up to a day.
  • Check the cable: If your phone is dry but not charging, unplug and replug the cable and adapter.

The Rice Trick: Not Worth It

Tests show that rice does absorb water, but it’s too slow to be effective. When it comes to water damage, time is crucial.