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Foolish Friends and a Hungry Shark

Get ready for another round of gloriously ridiculous shark movies! This time, it’s “Something in the Water,” where five friends make the unwise decision to take a powerboat to a tropical island without any way to call for help.

Shark Attack and a Broken Boat

Of course, things go awry when one of them gets bitten while swimming. They frantically try to get back to land, but their boat hits a coral reef and breaks down.

The Shallows Challenge

Now, it’s a race against time as they try to reach dry land before they become shark bait. Cue the “The Shallows”-style struggle to survive.

Cast and Release

Hiftu Quasem, Lauren Lyle, Nicole Rieko Setsuko, Ellouise Shakespeare-Hart, and Natalie Mitson star in this upcoming shark thriller. “Something in the Water” is coming to theaters soon, so get ready for some silly and suspenseful shark action.