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Apple may have been quiet during the AI boom, but new research suggests Siri could become a serious contender to ChatGPT.

Understanding the Context

ChatGPT and other AI tools often struggle to understand context, which can lead to confusing responses. Apple’s ReALM model aims to solve this problem by recognizing ambiguous references like “they” or “that.”

Siri’s Advantages

ReALM’s training on specific types of data gives Siri potential advantages over ChatGPT:

  • On-Screen Context: ReALM can comprehend text within screenshots, including addresses and bank details.
  • Conversational and Background Understanding: Siri can understand references to things mentioned in conversations or running in the background, like a list of nearby pharmacies or an alarm.
  • Completely On-Device: ReALM runs directly on Apple devices, reducing privacy concerns and improving performance.

What’s Next?

Apple has hinted at a major AI announcement later this year. With ReALM’s capabilities, Siri could potentially become a more powerful and versatile AI assistant than ChatGPT.