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Key Points:

  • Smmall Cloud is a simple, customizable file-sharing service.
  • It lets you transfer files, share screenshots, and even share audio files.
  • For a limited time, a lifetime subscription is on sale for $79.99.

Unlimited Uploads to Share

Transferring files wirelessly doesn’t have to be a struggle. Smmall Cloud is a simple, customizable file-sharing service with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It supports multiple file types, including images, video with streaming capabilities, markdown documents, PDFs with browser previews, and audio files.

Profile Page and Traffic Tracking

What separates Smmall Cloud from other file-sharing platforms is the profile page and traffic tracking. The profile page allows you to give yourself a unique brand, which may be useful for freelancers or creative professionals. Then you can track the traffic for individual files and find out what’s popular with your audience.

Turn Your Portfolio into an Interactive Gallery

Smmall Cloud’s Individual Plan unlocks access to new features, along with a 5GB monthly transfer and 50GB total storage, with individual files limited to 5GB. Mac users get a little bonus feature, too. The Mac app lets you share screenshots, so no more navigating to another app just to send a quick screengrab.

Fast, Reliable File Sharing

Simplify your file sharing with Smmall Cloud. For a limited time, you can get a lifetime Smmall Cloud Individual Plan for just $79.99.