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Snoop Dogg is ready to make waves at the 2024 Olympics in Paris!

Snoop’s Olympic Role

The legendary rapper will be on the ground in Paris, bringing his unique style and commentary to NBC’s coverage. He’ll be at events, exploring the city, and doing what Snoop Dogg does best.

“I’m gonna be shaking it up,” Snoop said. “Bringing my flavor and having fun.”

Underwater Adventures and Olympian Assistance

Snoop even joked about getting “underwater” with the swimmers. And if any Olympians need a helping hand, he’s ready to assist. “I’m available,” he said.

NBC’s Olympic Coverage Revamp

NBC is shaking things up for the Paris Olympics. Live finals for popular sports will air in the afternoons, while prime time will focus on gold medal highlights and stories.

Peacock’s Olympic Destination

Peacock will be the ultimate streaming destination for the Olympics, with every moment and medal available.

Snoop’s Official