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Elon Musk aims to regain his title as the owner of the most powerful space rocket with SpaceX’s Starship. Despite two failed tests in 2023, SpaceX remains optimistic about completing an orbital flight soon.

Upcoming Launch

SpaceX is targeting March 14 for its third Starship test flight. The rocket will launch from Boca Chica, Texas, and attempt a controlled splashdown in the Indian Ocean.

Starship: A Super-Heavy-Lift Rocket

Starship is a massive rocket and spacecraft designed to carry heavy cargo and astronauts into deep space. It towers over NASA’s Space Launch System and is powered by liquid methane and oxygen.

NASA’s Involvement

NASA has contracted SpaceX to develop a human landing system version of Starship for its Artemis missions to the moon. Starship is expected to transport astronauts to the lunar south pole.

Previous Test Flights

SpaceX’s first two Starship test flights ended in explosions. The company has made improvements to the rocket’s fire suppression system, launchpad, and self-destruct system.

Launch Location

Starship will launch from SpaceX’s own spaceport in Boca Chica, Texas. Eventually, it will also launch from a site at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Watching the Launch

You can watch the Starship launch live on SpaceX’s website or social media platforms.

Chances of Success

SpaceX has acknowledged the challenges of Starship’s development. However, the company remains committed to maximizing learning from each test flight.

SpaceX’s Mars Ambitions

Elon Musk’s ultimate goal is to use Starship to send humans to Mars and establish a self-sustaining city there. The spacecraft would be designed for long journeys and include entertainment and amenities.