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Apple’s App Store Delay

Spotify claims that Apple has delayed the release of its updated app in the EU App Store for nine days without providing a valid reason. The updated app includes information on cheaper subscription options that bypass Apple’s payment system.

Spotify’s Complaint to the EU

Spotify has complained to the European Commission, stating that Apple has not acknowledged or responded to its app submission. Spotify believes that Apple’s delay is intentional and aims to avoid complying with the EU’s decision.

Apple’s Response

Apple has stated that its App Review team has approved 421 versions of the Spotify app, usually within the same day. It also claims that it frequently expedites reviews at Spotify’s request.

Spotify’s Concerns

Spotify is concerned that Apple’s delay is part of a larger pattern of non-compliance with the EU’s decision. The company believes that Apple is trying to circumvent the ruling by delaying or avoiding the release of the updated app.