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With the arrival of spring, it’s the perfect time to invest in a drone to capture stunning memories of your travels. Here are some of the best drone deals from Amazon’s Big Spring Sale:

Best Overall Drone Deal

Holy Stone HS720 GPS Drone with Camera

  • Price: $149.99 (save $100 with on-page coupon)
  • Features: 4K camera with image stabilization, GPS-assisted flight, automatic return, two batteries with 26 minutes of run time each

Best Drone Deal for Selfies

X1 Self-Flying Camera

  • Price: $399 (save $80)
  • Features: Flies autonomously, captures 360-degree photos and videos

Best Drone Deal for Kids

Holy Stone Drone for Kids

  • Price: $26.63 (save $10.36 with on-page coupon)
  • Features: Easy to control, durable design, perfect for beginners

Other Notable Drone Deals

  • Holy Stone HS440 Foldable FPV Drone: $84.49 (save $45 with on-page coupon)
  • Holy Stone HS440D Drone: $119.99 (save $50)
  • Holy Stone HS720E Drone: $254.99 (save $105)
  • Bwine F7 GPS Drone: $499.99 (save $100)
  • Bwine F7 Mini GPS Drone: $195.29 (save $125.70)
  • Brushless Motor Drone with Camera: $69.99 (save $30)