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The Chilean Star Wars Experience

When the original Star Wars trilogy aired in Chile in 2003, they had a unique solution to avoid commercial breaks: they edited the commercials right into the movies!

One of the most memorable edits occurred in the scene where Obi-Wan Kenobi gives Luke Skywalker a lightsaber. Instead, Obi-Wan opens a cooler filled with ice and Cerveza Cristal.

Product Placement Gone Wild

The Chilean version of Star Wars is filled with these quirky product placements, from Cerveza Cristal to other random products. None of them are subtle, but they certainly add a touch of humor to the classic films.

Fan Reactions

X users have responded to this discovery with a mix of amusement and creativity. Some have edited their own favorite movies to include Cerveza Cristal product placements, resulting in some hilarious mashups.