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Chat with Newsletter Creators and Subscribers

Substack has introduced a new feature: direct messages (DMs). This allows subscribers and writers to connect directly with each other.

How to Use DMs

  • Access DMs through the “Chat” tab in the app or website.
  • Message writers from their profile pages or directly in the Chat tab.
  • Share posts or Notes (Substack’s tweets) through Chat.

Privacy and Moderation

  • Blocked and banned users cannot message you.
  • You can report messages within the Chat app.

Benefits for Writers

  • Build a stronger community with subscribers.
  • Offer exclusive perks to paid subscribers, such as access to DMs.
  • Collaborate with other writers directly within Substack.

Controversies and Drawbacks

Substack has faced criticism for its handling of content moderation and misinformation. Despite these issues, the platform remains popular with over 20 million monthly active subscribers. The introduction of DMs could help attract new users and address some of the concerns raised by critics.