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Invincible’s Steven Yeun on the Power of Heroes

Invincible star Steven Yeun shares his insights on the symbolism and misunderstandings surrounding superhero stories.

The Allegories Within

Superhero narratives often reflect our own society’s values and struggles. Yeun believes they explore themes of identity, power, and responsibility. “They’re allegories for what we’re going through as a society,” he says.

Misconceptions and Misinterpretations

Yeun acknowledges that superheroes can be misinterpreted as mere escapism or fantasy. However, he argues that they can also inspire us to embrace our own potential.

Personal Connections

Yeun’s childhood insecurities helped him identify with the vulnerabilities of superheroes. “I realized that everyone has their own superpower,” he says. “It’s about finding what makes you unique and embracing it.”

Upcoming Episodes

The second half of Invincible’s second season will premiere weekly on Prime Video, starting March 14th.