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Reframe the Day

  • Shift the focus from romantic love to celebrating any kind of love, like friendships.
  • Plan an outing with friends, go on a scavenger hunt, or enjoy a drag show.
  • Reach out to a long-distance friend for a virtual catch-up.

Look at Heartbreak as a Gift

  • See the bigger picture and recognize that relationships end for a reason.
  • Reframe rejection as a positive force that steers you toward the right path.
  • Appreciate being alone rather than in a bad relationship.
  • Your future self will be grateful for this experience.

Banish Negative Thoughts

  • Challenge negative thoughts about yourself with deep breaths and positive affirmations.
  • Make a list of your good qualities and focus on self-appreciation.

Treat Yourself

  • Indulge in self-care activities like buying a new dress, cooking a delicious meal, or getting a manicure.
  • Treat yourself to a new sex toy or any other item that brings you joy.

Ignore the Hype

  • Treat Valentine’s Day like any other day.
  • Stick to your usual Friday routine, avoiding social media and reminders of the date.
  • Keep busy with puzzles, games, or errands to distract yourself.

Celebrate “Me Time”

  • Schedule self-care activities like massages, manicures, or a nice dinner out.
  • Allow yourself to indulge in whatever brings you comfort and relaxation.

Stay Busy

  • Run errands, clean, do laundry, and organize your space.
  • Accomplishing tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Explore Sexual Pleasure

  • Call your fuck buddy for a hookup or engage in solo sex.
  • Celebrate your sexual nature and make a commitment to regular self-pleasure.

Take a Break

  • If possible, take a weekend trip or visit a friend to get away from the Valentine’s Day hype.
  • Gain perspective and focus on other aspects of your life.

Remember, It’s Just a Day

  • Many people in long-term relationships don’t care about Valentine’s Day.
  • It’s just another day, so treat it as such.