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What is a Ritual?

Don’t think of rituals as formal ceremonies. They can be simple, everyday actions that hold emotional power. From sipping tea from a favorite mug to lighting candles before dinner, we create rituals all the time.

Benefits of Rituals

Rituals enhance our emotional experiences and boost our well-being. They help us access a wider range of emotions, including contentment, gratitude, and awe.

Rituals vs. Habits

Habits are things we do out of necessity, like brushing our teeth. Rituals are more meaningful. They involve emotion and a sense of purpose.

Reducing Screen Time with Rituals

Our smartphone usage is a ritual in itself. To reduce screen time, replace it with other rituals.

Tactics for Replacing Phone Rituals

  1. Create Distance: Keep your phone out of reach, like across the room or in a different pocket.

  2. Build in Social Connection: Make a ritual of putting away your phone when spending time with loved ones.

  3. Replace Phone in Existing Rituals: Instead of scrolling on your phone during morning coffee or bedtime wind down, try reading a book or journaling.


Small changes can break the cycle of mindless phone usage. Embrace rituals to enhance your emotional well-being and connect with the present moment.