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In the realm of social media, Apple’s Vision Pro headset has sparked a wave of intrigue, with videos of Tesla drivers using it in real-world scenarios capturing the attention of many.

Tesla and Vision Pro: A Key Combo?

One video, posted by @iCaleb7, showcases an Apple Vision Pro user approaching a red Tesla Model S. The in-headset recording reveals a floating UI that allows the user to control their Tesla, including opening the trunk with a simple pinch gesture.

Skit or Reality: Driving with Vision Pro

Another video, featuring Dante Lentini driving his Tesla while wearing an Apple Vision Pro, went viral. However, this turned out to be a staged skit, with Lentini admitting to driving for only a short duration with the headset on.

Cybertruck and Vision Pro: A Futuristic Duo

The Vision Pro and Cybertruck, two products known for their futuristic aesthetics, have been spotted together in several social media videos. One such video, garnering millions of views, shows a Cybertruck driver wearing an Apple Vision Pro while driving.

Safety Concerns and User Reactions

Despite Apple’s safety warnings against using the Vision Pro while operating vehicles or machinery, some users seem unfazed. Videos of individuals using the headset while driving or performing other tasks requiring attention have surfaced online.

Staged or Real: A Glimpse into the Future?

While many of the videos are staged, there are a few that appear genuine. These glimpses into the future, where technology seamlessly integrates with our daily lives, raise questions about the implications of such advancements.