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Real-Life Eclipse in Opening Scene

The epic opening battle between Fremen and Harkonnen soldiers takes place during a solar eclipse, creating stunning orange hues. Remarkably, the crew captured footage of an actual partial eclipse on October 25, 2022, which was incorporated into the final cut. To align with the book’s lore, a second moon was digitally added.

Harkonnen Architecture Inspired by Septic Tanks

The insectoid architecture of the Harkonnens is inspired by insects, but also includes an unexpected reference: septic tanks. Production designer Patrice Vermette describes them as “black, shiny, and new.”

Practical Effects for Baby Sandworm

While a CGI worm was considered, the film ultimately used practical effects for the baby sandworm in the Southern Fremen’s temple. A worm puppet was created and moved through the sand on tracks.

Bullfighting Influence on Feyd-Rautha’s Fight

The black-clothed Harkonnen servants who assist Feyd-Rautha in the Giedi Prime fighting arena were inspired by bullfighting picadors. This imagery enhances the cruelty and showmanship of the war games.

Deleted Scenes: Water Rings for Paul

An early version of the funeral scene for Jamis included Paul receiving water rings representing his water. This element of Fremen culture was ultimately cut from the final film.