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Studio Ghibli fans, rejoice! The latest masterpiece from the beloved animation studio, “The Boy and the Heron,” is coming to Netflix this year.

Netflix’s Ghibli Treasure Trove

Netflix already boasts an impressive collection of Ghibli gems, including “Spirited Away,” “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” and “My Neighbor Totoro.” With the addition of “The Boy and the Heron,” Netflix strengthens its position as the go-to destination for Ghibli enthusiasts.

A Hand-Drawn Masterpiece

Crafted in Hayao Miyazaki’s signature hand-drawn style, “The Boy and the Heron” has garnered critical acclaim since its release in December. It won awards at the Academy Awards and Golden Globes, showcasing Miyazaki’s enduring talent for exploring themes of loss, childhood, and adventure.

A Visually Stunning Exploration

Critics have praised the film’s “visually lush” and “heady exploration of grief and acceptance.” It’s a testament to Miyazaki’s ability to create films that are both visually captivating and emotionally resonant.

A Theatrical Return

Due to its overwhelming popularity, “The Boy and the Heron” is returning to theaters in North America for a re-release. So, if you missed it on the big screen, now’s your chance to experience its cinematic splendor.