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From Mysterious Threats to Trusted Allies

In ‘Dune: Part Two,’ the sandworms have undergone a significant transformation. In the first film, they were elusive and menacing, but in the sequel, they become familiar allies.

Limited Interactions in ‘Dune’

Initially, we only catch glimpses of sandworms as they consume spice harvesters or move beneath the sand. This reflects the perspective of outsiders like Paul Atreides, who view them as unknown dangers.

Full Reveal in the Desert

However, when Paul and Jessica venture deep into the desert, we finally see a sandworm in all its glory. This marks a shift in how the film portrays the creatures, accustoming us to their presence.

Fremen Perspective

The Fremen, indigenous to Arrakis, have a different relationship with sandworms. They call them Shai-Hulud and consider them a manifestation of their god. They have also learned to control and use them for transportation and waste disposal.

Paul’s Transformation

Paul’s alliance with the Fremen allows him to experience their perspective and master the art of sandworm riding. This highlights his immersion in their culture and his desire to become one of them.

The Sandworm Riding Scene

The centerpiece of ‘Dune: Part Two’ is the scene where Paul rides a sandworm. Villeneuve aimed to make it as realistic as possible, with a specialized team developing the technology for the interaction between humans and worms.

Future Exploration

Despite the extensive exploration of sandworms in ‘Dune: Part Two,’ Villeneuve hints at more to come. He envisions a potential adaptation of ‘Dune Messiah’ that delves into the inner workings of these iconic creatures.