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The Delaneys, a seemingly perfect family, are about to face a storm of secrets and drama. Based on Liane Moriarty’s bestselling novel, ‘Apples Never Fall’ is coming to Peacock on March 14th.

The Family

Former tennis coaches Stan and Joy Delaney (Sam Neill and Annette Bening) are ready to retire. But their four adult children have their own lives and secrets. When a mysterious young woman named Savannah (Georgia Flood) arrives, she shakes things up for the family.

The Mystery

Joy mysteriously disappears, leaving the Delaneys in shock. As they search for answers, they uncover family tensions and hidden truths.

The Tennis Connection

Tennis plays a crucial role in the Delaney family dynamic. Stan and Joy were competitive players, and their children grew up in a world of competition. This rivalry may have fueled resentment and jealousy among them.

The Cast’s Training

To prepare for their roles as lifelong tennis players, the cast underwent a month of training. Annette Bening, Jake Lacy, and Alison Brie all shared their experiences with the intensive training.

Behind the Scenes

Melanie Marnich, the showrunner, describes tennis as “a dynamic, sexy, wonderful sport” that reflects the competitive nature of the Delaney family. The series also features executive producers David Heyman, Gregory Jacobs, and Liane Moriarty.

Don’t Miss It!

‘Apples Never Fall’ premieres on Peacock on March 14th. Get ready for a gripping family mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat.