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Nerfs and Buffs

Helldivers 2 has received an update that has shaken up the meta. The Breaker shotgun and Railgun combo, once the go-to for taking down armored enemies, have been slightly nerfed.

Enter the EAT-17

This update has given the Expendable Anti Tank 17 (EAT-17) a chance to shine. Along with the Recoilless Rifle, the EAT-17 is now one of the best anti-tank weapons in the game.

Charger and Bile Titan Slayer

With a well-placed shot, the EAT-17 can kill the heavily armored Charger in just two hits. It also takes only 2-4 headshots to kill the Bile Titan, a feat that would have required 10-20 unsafe mode shots with the Railgun before.

Spawn Rate Changes

The update has also decreased the spawn rate of heavy enemies. This change aims to make Helldivers 2 more manageable on higher difficulties for well-equipped teams.