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In an interview promoting her new film, “Love Lies Bleeding,” Kristen Stewart shares her thoughts on the contrasting perspectives of the female and male gaze.

Female Gaze vs. Male Gaze

Stewart explains that the female gaze is characterized by empathy, intimacy, and a focus on the emotional experience. It seeks to understand and connect with the subject, rather than objectify it.

In contrast, the male gaze is often seen as more objectifying and detached. It emphasizes the physical appearance of the subject and treats them as a passive object of desire.

Stewart’s Perspective

Stewart believes that the female gaze is more authentic and empowering. It allows for a deeper exploration of the human experience, particularly from the female perspective. She argues that the male gaze has historically dominated cinema, but that there is a growing shift towards a more balanced representation of both perspectives.

“Love Lies Bleeding”

Stewart’s new film, “Love Lies Bleeding,” explores the complexities of the female gaze. It tells the story of a young woman who becomes entangled in a dangerous relationship with a wealthy man. The film examines the power dynamics and the emotional consequences of being objectified.