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With “The Adventures of Dick Turpin” robbing carriages on Apple TV+, and now “Renegade Nell” hitting Disney+, there’s a surge of 18th century English outlaws on TV.

Meet Nell Jackson, the Notorious Outlaw

In “Renegade Nell,” you’ll encounter the infamous Nell Jackson (played by Louisa Harland from “Derry Girls”). Framed for murder and hunted by England, she’s determined to clear her name.

Billy Blind, the Magical Spirit

Along the way, Nell meets Billy Blind (Nick Mohammed from “Ted Lasso”), a magical spirit who helps her dodge bullets and become a legend.

Star-Studded Cast

Frank Dillane, Alice Kremelberg, Ényì Okoronkwo, Jake Dunn, and more join Harland in this action-packed series.

Release Date

“Renegade Nell” premieres on Disney+ on March 29th. Get ready for a wild ride with this kickass 18th century outlaw.