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The Mini is a shorter version of The New York Times’ daily crossword. It’s a quick and fun puzzle with only a few clues to answer.


  • Country with the most FIFA World Cup titles: Brazil
  • One of two U.S. states that doesn’t observe daylight saving time: Arizona
  • Mindless: Vacuous
  • Alpinist Davo Karniar once skied 12,000 feet down this mountain: Everest
  • Overnight flight: Redeye


  • Courageous: Brave
  • Chopped into small pieces, as cauliflower: Riced
  • Sky-blue: Azure
  • Actress Deschanel of “New Girl”: Zooey
  • Sign on an occupied lavatory: In use
  • Stand the test of time: Last
  • Confidently assert: Aver