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Clues and Answers for February 20


  • 1-Across, 5-Across, 8-Across: Clothing-related idiom for something improvised
    • Answer: Seat of the pants
  • 1-Across: The
  • 5-Across: Healing succulent plants
    • Answer: Aloes
  • 8-Across: What the Mad Hatter serves at his party
    • Answer: Tea


  • 1-Down: Bar in the shower
    • Answer: Soap
  • 2-Down: Note equivalent to D#
    • Answer: E-flat
  • 3-Down: Make up for one’s past sins
    • Answer: Atone
  • 4-Down: This Greek letter: θ
    • Answer: Theta
  • 5-Down: Twisty shape
    • Answer: Ess