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The Photo

On Mother’s Day, Kensington Palace released a new portrait of Kate Middleton with her children. The photo, reportedly taken by Prince William, showed Kate with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

The Controversy

However, media agencies quickly pulled the photo, citing signs of “manipulation.” The areas around Princess Charlotte’s sleeve and hair appeared blurry and unnatural, and Prince Louis’s hands looked altered.

The Palace’s Response

The Palace faced pressure to acknowledge the doctored image. Kate herself apologized on Twitter, admitting to editing the photo using software.

The Media’s Reaction

The media’s unhealthy relationship with the royals was evident in the rumors that circulated about Kate’s health and circumstances. The Palace’s dismissal of “wild conspiracy theories” was unusual, as was their direct acknowledgment of these conspiracies.

The Aftermath

The photo fiasco raised questions about Kate’s editing judgment. However, the Palace maintained that it was an error. The story is likely to continue, with royal reporters and the public speculating until Kate resumes her royal duties after Easter.