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Intriguing Tale of Espionage and Identity

Coming to Hulu this spring is a gripping spy thriller titled The Veil. Created by Steven Knight, the mastermind behind Peaky Blinders, this limited series stars Elisabeth Moss, known for her role in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Complex Relationship at the Heart of the Story

The Veil follows the intricate relationship between Imogen Salter, a British intelligence agent, and Adilah El Idrissi, a woman suspected of being a high-ranking ISIS member. As they embark on a journey across the Middle East and Europe, they confront their differences and navigate interference from various world governments.

Elisabeth Moss’s Unique Character

Moss portrays Imogen Salter, an MI6 agent with the extraordinary ability to transform into different identities as required by her missions. She compares this aspect of the character to being an actor, which helped her connect with the role.

A Thrilling Road Trip and Espionage Fusion

The Veil combines elements of a road trip series and an espionage thriller. Imogen and Adilah’s journey from Syria to Paris offers ample opportunities for them to understand each other. However, it remains uncertain how much these secretive women are willing to reveal.

International Agencies’ Clash

As Imogen and Adilah navigate their journey, the French DGSE and American CIA engage in a power struggle to control the situation. This conflict uncovers information that puts thousands of lives at risk.

Genesis of the Story: A Chance Encounter

The inclusion of the DGSE and the genesis of The Veil itself originated from a chance encounter between executive producer Denise Di Novi and a retired French agent. This encounter shed light on the challenges faced by agencies when forced to collaborate.

Potential for More Imogen Salter Stories

With Elisabeth Moss and Yumna Marwan as the central pair, The Veil also features a talented supporting cast. Creator Steven Knight hints at the possibility of more Imogen Salter stories, leaving fans eager for future developments.

The Veil’s Premiere

The Veil premieres on Hulu on April 30, promising a captivating journey of espionage, identity, and international intrigue.