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UMG’s Departure

Universal Music Group (UMG) has decided to remove even more of its songs from TikTok. Earlier this month, their previous deal with TikTok ended, and negotiations over payments to artists broke down. As a result, UMG removed all the music it owned or distributed from the platform.

UMPG’s Impact

Now, TikTok must also remove all songs controlled by Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG). This includes any song written or co-written by artists signed to UMG.

UMG’s Stance

In January, UMG released a statement expressing concerns about “fair compensation for artists and songwriters,” “protecting artists from AI,” and “online safety for TikTok users.” They believe TikTok has not adequately addressed these issues.

TikTok’s Response

TikTok responded with its own statement, saying it was “disappointing” that UMG had prioritized its own interests over those of its artists.

Consequences for TikTok

TikTok estimates that UMG and UMPG own up to 30% of the popular music on its platform. When songs are removed, all videos using those songs become silent, creating an eerily quiet experience for users.

TikTok’s Role in Music Discovery

TikTok has become a significant force in the music industry, helping artists promote their music and connect with fans. UMG artists will no longer have this platform, but UMG maintains that it is fighting for better compensation for its artists.