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As a former athlete, I’ve explored various fitness options, from running to martial arts. However, home workouts often leave me bored and unmotivated. During the pandemic, I injured my ankle and needed a new workout routine. When I heard about Litesport, a VR fitness experience, I was eager to try it.

What is Litesport?

Litesport is a VR fitness platform that offers boxing, full-body, and strength workouts at home. It uses augmented reality (AR) technology to create a mixed-reality experience, allowing you to see your surroundings while a virtual trainer leads the workout.

Trying Litesport for the First Time:

Setting up Litesport was easy, and I quickly started with a trainer-led mitt drills workout. The boxing workouts were enjoyable and engaging, similar to a virtual Dance Dance Revolution. The trainer’s instructions were clear, and the music kept me motivated.

What I Loved About Litesport:

  • Nostalgia: As a former kickboxing instructor, I appreciated the virtual trainer shouting out punch combinations. It brought back memories of my teaching days.
  • Variety: Litesport offers a wide range of workouts, including boxing, mitt drills, strength training, and total body workouts. The variety kept me engaged and motivated.
  • Music:
    The partnership with Universal Music Group provided a great selection of music to keep me energized during workouts.

What I Didn’t Like About Litesport:

  • Strength Training: The mixed-reality strength training workout didn’t add much value compared to following a workout video or using a fitness mirror.
  • Total Body Workouts: These workouts felt like Beat Saber, but I sacrificed proper form to keep up with the pace.
  • Punch Tracks: The punch tracks became boring and repetitive quickly.
  • Bugs: I experienced occasional bugs and freezing screens, requiring me to restart the app.

Is Litesport VR Worth It?

  • Free Trial: If you already have a VR headset, the free trial is worth trying.
  • Premium Membership: The $18.99 monthly premium membership is debatable. Some may find it worthwhile, but I was not fully impressed.
  • Standard Plan:
    The $8.99 standard plan has fewer workouts available.
  • Comparison to Other Workout Subscriptions: Litesport’s workout quality and library size fall short compared to other subscriptions like the Peloton app.


Litesport has potential as a VR fitness experience, but it needs improvement. The current experience doesn’t fully justify the premium membership cost. For those seeking a fun and unique home workout, it’s worth trying the free trial. However, other workout subscriptions may offer better value and workout quality.