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Sean Bean stars as Thomas Cromwell in the upcoming historical mystery series Shardlake, based on C. J. Sansom’s popular novel series. Set in Tudor England during the dissolution of the monasteries, the four-part series follows lawyer Matthew Shardlake (Arthur Hughes), who works for Cromwell, the king’s right-hand man.

A Murder Mystery in Scarnsea

Shardlake, accompanied by his assistant Jack Barak (Anthony Boyle), is tasked with investigating the murder of one of the Crown’s commissioners in the church of Saint Donatus in the town of Scarnsea. However, as they delve deeper into the case, they uncover political machinations and secrets that go beyond the murder itself.

Living with Scoliosis in the 16th Century

While investigating the murder, Shardlake faces personal challenges as he lives with scoliosis, a spinal deformity that brings social stigma and discrimination in the 16th century.

Opulent Murder Mystery for Tudor Enthusiasts

Written by Stephen Butchard and directed by Justin Chadwick, Shardlake promises to be a compact yet opulent murder mystery that will captivate Tudor enthusiasts. The series is set to stream soon on Disney+.