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Early Returns

Some early adopters are returning their Apple Vision Pro devices. Apple’s 14-day return policy is expiring for those who purchased the device on launch day (February 2).

Social Media Reports

Multiple reports on social media indicate that users are returning the Vision Pro due to discomfort or headaches.

Notable Returns

  • Parker Ortolani, The Verge’s product manager, cited discomfort as his reason for returning the device.
  • Tech influencer Rjey praised the Vision Pro’s technology but expressed concerns about headaches.
  • Entrepreneur Adam Hollander found the device “ludicrously impressive” but also “extremely disappointing.”

Significance of Returns

It’s difficult to determine the overall return rate based solely on social media posts. Apple has reportedly sold hundreds of thousands of Vision Pro units, but official sales and return figures are unavailable.

Factors Contributing to Returns

  • The Vision Pro is a new and expensive device ($3,499).
  • It’s a wearable device that partially isolates users from the real world.
  • The VR headset market has historically faced challenges in attracting a wide user base.

Apple’s Response

Apple is unlikely to disclose official sales or return rate data. The company has a history of secrecy regarding product performance.


While the Vision Pro’s return rate may be a concern, it’s too early to determine if it’s a significant problem for Apple. The device is still in its early stages, and its long-term success remains uncertain.