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Dynamic Pricing, Not Surge Pricing

Wendy’s is experimenting with “dynamic pricing,” where menu item prices will vary depending on demand. However, the company has clarified that it will not implement “surge pricing” like Uber.

Lower Prices During Off-Peak Hours

Instead, Wendy’s plans to use digital menu boards to lower prices during quieter times. This aims to attract more customers and increase sales.

AI-Enhanced Menu and Sales Suggestions

Wendy’s will also use AI to suggest menu items and sales based on factors like weather and time of day. This is similar to a waiter recommending wine pairings, but with a machine learning algorithm instead of a human.

Maintaining Consistency

Despite the price adjustments, Wendy’s emphasizes that the quality and consistency of its food will remain the same. The goal is to provide value to customers without compromising the brand’s standards.

AI Chatbot Update

Wendy’s FreshAI, the AI chatbot for drive-through orders, has shown improvements in speed and accuracy. The company plans to expand its rollout to more restaurants.