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Who is Marques Brownlee?

Marques Brownlee, born on December 3, 1993, is a celebrated tech YouTuber, entrepreneur, and gadget reviewer, affectionately known by his initials, MKBHD. Originating from Maplewood, New Jersey, Marques embarked on his YouTube journey in 2008, carving a niche for himself with in-depth tech reviews, gadget unboxings, and insightful content. His distinctive ability to simplify complex tech topics has garnered a massive global following, making him one of the foremost tech influencers. Beyond his YouTube success, Marques has conducted notable interviews within the tech industry, earning recognition for his contributions.

In addition to his YouTube ventures, Marques Brownlee has extended his expertise to the realm of technology writing. As a seasoned author on, a platform he now co-owns, Marques brings his unparalleled insights and passion for technology to a wider audience. This side endeavor allows him to delve deeper into tech-related discussions that resonates with tech enthusiasts around the world.