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Tomorrow, February 29th, is a day that feels like a glitch in the matrix. It’s not real, right?

The Leap Day Work Conundrum

Why do we have to work on this extra day that only comes around every four years? It’s like a bonus work day that we didn’t ask for.

The Case for a Holiday

Instead of adding another day of toil, Leap Day should be a day of rest. Over 40% of office workers already feel burned out. Why make it worse with an extra workday?

Think about the vibe shift if Leap Day became a holiday. Every four years, we’d get a little treat—a surprise day off. It would be the adult version of a snow day!

Respect for Leap Day Babies

Leap Day babies have it rough. They only get to celebrate their real birthday once every four years. The least we can do is give them the day off on their special day.

Promoting Science

A Leap Day holiday would also promote science. Kids would wonder why they have a random day off in February and learn about how the Earth’s orbit creates the need for leap years.

A Call to Action

If we must have a Leap Day, let’s treat it as the special occasion it is. It’s a day that exists outside of the norm, so let’s celebrate it instead of pretending it’s just another Thursday.

Let’s make February 29, 2028, the first official Leap Day National Holiday. It’s a Tuesday, and we should not have to work.