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The Event That Went Terribly Wrong

If you’re a fan of Willy Wonka, you might want to reconsider attending any themed events inspired by the beloved character. A recent event in Glasgow turned into a nightmare, leaving parents calling the police.

False Promises and AI-Generated Chaos

The event was advertised as an immersive experience by the House of Illuminati. However, attendees were greeted with an empty warehouse and a handful of random props. The AI-generated scripts were so confusing that the actors couldn’t make sense of them.

A Chilling Atmosphere

The warehouse was sparsely decorated with bizarre items like a single bouncy castle. There was barely any chocolate despite the hefty price tag of $40 per person. The oompa loompas looked miserable, and children and adults alike felt uneasy.

A Creepy Villain

To make matters worse, there was a character not found in the original Willy Wonka story: “The Unknown.” This made-up villain was described as an “evil chocolate maker who lives in the walls.”

Refunds and Apologies

Guests received refunds as children cried. The House of Illuminati apologized, but it remains to be seen if that will be enough to erase the traumatic experience.

Online Documentation of the Horror

Social media users have shared their horrifying experiences online, including:

  • Empty warehouse with no decorations
  • Confusing and nonsensical scripts
  • Sad-looking oompa loompas
  • The creepy “Unknown” character