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What’s Wordle?

Wordle is a popular word game where you guess a 5-letter word in six tries. It became a global sensation, spawning similar games like Heardle and Squabble.

Today’s Wordle Answer and Hints

  • Today’s Answer: BUILD
  • Hint: Think about something you might create or construct.
  • Letter Hint: Starts with the letter “B”.

Tips for Solving Wordle

  • Choose a good starting word: Pick a word with common vowels and consonants.
  • Pay attention to letter colors: Green letters are correct, yellow letters are in the word but at the wrong spot, and gray letters are not in the word.
  • Eliminate letters: Use the gray letters to eliminate possible letters.
  • Guess strategically: Try words that contain the most common letters.

Wordle Archive and Difficulty

  • The Wordle archive is no longer available.
  • Wordle’s difficulty has not changed since its launch. You can try Hard Mode for a greater challenge.