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1. Tulpamancer: A Trip into Your Mind

Imagine a mix of AI and VR that takes you on a journey through your past, present, and maybe even your future. That’s Tulpamancer. You answer questions about your life, and an AI creates a virtual reality experience based on your answers. It’s a bit creepy, but also strangely fascinating.

2. Digital Marilyn: The Ghost in the Machine

Soul Machines has brought Marilyn Monroe back from the dead…sort of. Using AI, they’ve created a digital version of the iconic actress that can interact with fans. You can chat with Digital Marilyn, just like she’s still here. It’s a bit eerie, but it could also be a way for people to connect with loved ones who have passed away.

3. Generative Goods: NFTs You Can Wear

NFTs are digital art that you can own, but you don’t actually have a physical copy. Generative Goods solves this problem by creating AI-generated designs that are then embroidered onto hats and shirts. This way, you can own your NFT and wear it too! It’s a clever way to make NFTs more tangible.