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Wyze camera owners have reported seeing feeds from strangers’ homes through their own devices, marking the second incident of a potential security flaw.

Incident Details

Wyze co-founder David Crosby confirmed that some users could view thumbnails of cameras that weren’t theirs in the Events tab. This occurred after an outage on February 16th.

14 users reported seeing thumbnails of another home, including one who witnessed someone walking around inside.

Wyze’s Response

Crosby explained that users couldn’t connect to live streams of the strangers’ homes. The Events tab was taken down, and an extra layer of verification was added. All users who used the app that day were force-logged out to reset tokens.

Previous Incident

In September, Wyze users experienced a similar issue where accounts were accidentally given access to other users’ feeds. The company attributed it to a web caching issue.


This incident raises concerns about a larger security issue. In 2022, Wyze was accused of hiding vulnerabilities in its v1 cameras. One user expressed frustration with the company’s response, questioning what compensation would be provided to those affected by the security breach.