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X, formerly known as Twitter, has quietly introduced new policies to its “Abuse and Harassment” guidelines to protect transgender users from misgendering and dead naming harassment.

Misgendering and Dead Naming

The new rules discourage the targeted use of incorrect pronouns or former names for transgender individuals. X will reduce the visibility of posts that violate this policy.

Self-Reporting Mechanism

Transgender users who experience misgendering or dead naming harassment must self-report the incident to X for action to be taken.

Comparison to Previous Policies

Under Musk’s ownership, X removed previous policies that explicitly prohibited misgendering and dead naming. The new rules are a step in the right direction, but they are weaker than the previous guidelines.

Backlash from Right-Wing Users

Musk’s right-wing fanbase has expressed disapproval of the new policies. Some users have tested the rules by purposefully misgendering transgender individuals, prompting Musk to assure them that they will not be suspended.

Musk’s Response

Musk has indicated that he may reconsider the new policies due to complaints from right-wing users. He has stated that the rules are intended to prevent repeated, targeted harassment of individuals.