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Surge in Bots and Hate Speech

Since Elon Musk took over X in October 2022, the platform has faced several challenges, including an increase in bots, hate speech, and inconsistent content moderation policies.

User Exodus

According to data from Sensor Tower, X’s daily active mobile app users in the U.S. have dropped by 23% since November 2022. This decline is more significant than that of its competitors, such as TikTok (-9.5%), Instagram (-4.5%), Snapchat (-2%), and Facebook (-1%).

Key Events Leading to Decline

Sensor Tower’s research suggests that the most significant decline in X usage occurred during the summer of 2023. Two major changes implemented by Musk during this time may have contributed to the exodus:

  • Rate limiting users’ ability to refresh their feeds and view tweets
  • Rebranding the platform as “X” and removing the iconic bird logo

X Disputes Findings

X has disputed Sensor Tower’s findings, claiming that the report is based on inaccurate estimates and does not include mobile usage. However, Sensor Tower’s data focuses solely on mobile app users, which X has not refuted.

Evidence of Decline

Despite X’s claims, data posted by the @XData account suggests that the platform’s daily active users have indeed declined. In November 2022, X had close to 260 million daily active users, while recent stats indicate a lower number.