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In 2021, Xiaomi introduced the CyberDog, a quadruped robot companion with an intimidating appearance. Now, they’ve unveiled a new version, the CyberDog 2, with a more friendly design resembling a real dog.

At the MWC Barcelona event, Xiaomi showcased the CyberDog 2’s impressive capabilities. Four of these robotic dogs performed a synchronized dance routine, including backflips. While it was a captivating display, it also raised questions about the practicality of replacing real dogs with robotic ones.

The CyberDog 2 is equipped with 19 sensors for vision, touch, and hearing, allowing it to make independent decisions. Xiaomi’s goal is to replicate the movements, appearance, and interactions of a real dog.

Similar to its predecessor, the CyberDog 2 is open-source, enabling developers to create apps for it. However, its $3,000 price tag may deter potential buyers, especially when compared to the affordability and emotional connection of real dogs.

Overall, the CyberDog 2 is a technological marvel that showcases Xiaomi’s innovation in robotics. While it may not replace traditional pets anytime soon, it certainly sparks curiosity and discussion about the future of human-robot interactions.