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X, formerly known as Twitter, has always allowed users to share adult content. Now, they’re testing a new feature that requires users who create groups (called Communities) to label them as “adult content” or “NSFW.”

Adult Content Labeling

X is currently testing a feature that requires Community administrators to label their groups as adult content. If they don’t, X may automatically remove any adult content.

Communities Feature

Communities is a feature that allows users to create discussion groups on specific topics. It was introduced in 2021 but never gained much traction. Musk has recently tried to revive the feature by adding it to the main menu and allowing users to promote it on their profiles.

X and Adult Content

X has struggled to manage adult content on its platform. They considered monetizing it, but they didn’t have the resources to moderate it effectively.

Potential Impact

Outright banning adult content from X could backfire, as Tumblr discovered when they did so in 2018. They lost a significant amount of traffic and users.


It’s unclear why X is implementing this adult content labeling feature. It could be to enhance the Communities feature or to test how it would work if implemented across the entire platform. We’ll keep an eye on how it evolves.