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YouTube has been making some tweaks to its TV app, and now it’s rolling out a new update that aims to improve the user experience.

No More Overlapping Content

When you’re watching a video on your TV and want to check the description or comments, YouTube used to show the info on top of the video. Now, it’ll push the video to the side and display the info beside it.

Improved Functionality

This change makes it easier to interact with the video while still keeping it visible. YouTube says users wanted a smaller video so they could read comments more easily.

Benefits for Sports Fans and Creators

YouTube is also focusing on improving the experience for sports fans who want to see live scores alongside their streams. Creators who make their videos shoppable will also benefit from the new layout, as the list of products will be displayed next to the video.

Future Plans

The team is working on extending the new layout to support videos with live chat, Fantasy View, and Multiview.


The update will be rolling out over the next few weeks for the YouTube app on TV and in the next few days for YouTube TV subscribers.